Director Message

Dear Parents

Choosing a school for your child is often a daunting decision to make. We hope that this website will give you an introduction to the quality of education your child will receive at Kangra Valley Achievers Public School.

We have established Kangra Valley Achievers Public School under Kangra Valley Educational Trust as one of the few co-educational schools delivering high academic standards within a very caring and supportive school community. Our focus is on excellence in all that we do and excellence for our students.

We work together with parents and teachers to provide an engaging learning environment so that each student achieves his/her full potential. We all learn best when we are happy and valued,supported,challenged and encouraged, so at Kangra Valley Achievers Public School we try to ensure that our students’ education is both enriching and enjoyable.

Academic excellence is at the heart of our school, but we nurture equally creativity, personal and physical development, independence and inquiring mind. All students are individuals, and there can be no single pathway that all must be compelled to tread.

Consequently, we endeavour to build a curriculum that will draw upon the raw talent and energy that your children brings with them to help them achieve success.

We will support students as they explore their learning with confidence and creativity, and encourage them in finding a positive sense of achievement and fulfillment.